Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts

Are you are thinking of a career in the customer service industry? Sometimes it can be hard to keep your cool, and respond appropriately to difficult situations. Even if you’re not in retail, it is important to keep your clients happy.   Here are some tips that can make you the best customer service reps ever.

Don’t: “Let Me look into that.”
The is too vague, and makes the customer feel put off.  Instead, provide  a clear plan of action.
Do: “I’m going to do some more research.  I will call you back my 3pm today.”
This also gives the customer a time frame to hear back from you.

Don’t: “Unfortunately, no…”
There is always a better option than “no.”
Do: “Although we can’t provide that, here’s a better/similar option.”

Don’t: “There’s nothing I can do.”
There is always SOMETHING you can do.
Do: “I understand your frustration, what can I do to help?”
This gives the feeling that you are being understanding and actually trying to help.

Don’t: “Let me correct you on that.”
This automatically puts people on the defense.
Do: “I must not have explained that fully, my fault!”

Don’t:There must have been a miscommunication.”
This is passive aggressive, and puts the blame on the customer.
Do: “I misunderstood your request.  Let me fix that!”

Remember to be patient, and kind.  It goes a long way to having loyal customers.

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