Have Fun Working Hard: ALKU, the Boston Globe’s #1 Place to Work, is Hiring!

alkuALKU is a specialized staffing firm located in Andover, MA and Herndon, VA. According to their website, “Working at ALKU is challenging, fun and financially rewarding. We believe that you can have fun while working hard. Here you will discover a balance of teamwork, camaraderie and friendly competition.” ALKU was recognized as #1 on the Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work list.

We interviewed three ALKU recruiters, two of which graduated from JMU, to learn more about their company culture and advice for JMU students.

Meet the Recruiters!

Kayla Gibbs graduated from JMU with a BS in Business Marketing. While at JMU, she was on the executive board of Pi Sigma Epsilon.

Dan Murray is an alumnus of Lynchburg College.

Georgia Martin is also an alumna of JMU. She majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. While at JMU, Gerorgia worked at Jack Brown’s!

Tell me more about the company culture and climate at ALKU?

Kayla: “ALKU’s mantra is ‘Have fun Working Hard,’ and that’s exactly what we do here. I’ve never been a part of a group of so many young individuals who are so driven and hardworking. The environment and culture of everyone around you, doing everything they can to get that next deal, is insanely motivating and impressive. It’s easy to see that the hard work pays off, and the deals (fun) are soon to follow as a result.”

Dan: “Culture at ALKU is unlike anywhere I’ve ever worked. For me, the biggest thing I love about the ALKU culture is the camaraderie we all have towards working for a common goal. People who work here are passionate, hardworking, motivated, and each and every day we all make the person next to us better.”

Georgia: “It’s a friendly, supportive, and fun environment. When you walk in, everyone is working their butts off, then you turn around, and someone is riding the razor scooter across the office and tossing the football around. It’s the epitome of our mantra, ‘Have Fun Working Hard.’”

Why do you believe that ALKU received the Best Workplaces for Recent College Graduates Award?    

Kayla: “ALKU received this award because it is just that: the best place for recent college grads to work. As I mentioned previously, it is a highly driven environment to be in, and there are huge rewards as a result of your effort. Recent college grads have the energy, motivation, and drive to work super hard for the outcomes ALKU offers. I don’t think I could have gone to any other company as a 22-year-old graduate and been given the opportunity to grow as much, or for lack of better words, earn as much money. And that, to a recent college graduate, with a pile of student loans, is a major reason that ALKU is the best place for a recent college grad to prosper and grow.”

Dan: “There a ton of reasons: vast opportunities for Career Advancement and Growth even with only a couple years’ experience with ALKU, huge earning potential and uncapped ability to make more, a very energetic work environment, tuition reimbursement plan…These are just a few of the reasons I’m not surprised we won such a prestigious award.”

Georgia:I know so many people who wake up and dread coming to work. I don’t do that. ALKU has a fun, motivating, and exciting atmosphere which makes the working environment enjoyable.”

What is the biggest draw for an undergraduate student to work at ALKU?

Kayla: “Simply said, if you’re young, competitive, and have the drive to make a lot of money, this job is perfect for you. I’ve never heard of a company with 23-27 year olds making 6 figure salaries, while also enjoying coming into work every day. It’s just not normal, which is what makes ALKU such an amazing place to come after leaving, what is for most of us, ‘the best 4 years of our life.’ I just love knowing I’m coming into work, and I’m going to have a good day. No matter what happens on the business side of things, I work with great people. I’m surrounded by positivity and success all day, which will eventually only result in more positivity and success. How could you not be drawn to that?”

Dan: “Very simply for the reasons above. Almost no company out there can offer what ALKU can offer. That might sound biased or subjective, but I truly believe that.”

Georgia: “For one, the vast majority of undergraduate students will be coming out of college with student loans to pay off. I would say one of the biggest draws would be the ability to make a ton of money. Another huge draw is the growth opportunity that ALKU provides, being a fast growing company.”

When seeking opportunities in this industry, what makes a candidate stand out? 

Kayla: When entering the workforce, you are up against more competition than ever before. There are so many young college graduates entering the real world every year. To make yourself stand out, I would suggest being super positive, motivated, and being able to let yourself feel uncomfortable.

  1. Being positive, as not everything in life goes our way. That’s life. Being able to stay positive after someone knocks you down, or something happens to not go as planned, is an incredibly attractive and infectious behavior.
  2. Stay motivated all the time. It may take time to see results, but you will see them. Everyone is motivated by something, find what that is for you, and choose a career path that is driven by “your something”.
  3. Let yourself feel uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable you are in new situations, the more you are prospering and learning. You’re allowing yourself to try something new and grow from those new experiences.

These 3 traits will make you a guarantee sale to any company. Any skill set can be taught in a classroom; these will ensure your success in the real world.”

Dan:  “We care far more about the soft skills a recent graduate possesses than anything else. Being hardworking, motivated, teachable, and most importantly being able to take the good with the bad and being able to have the resilience to battle through the tough days so that you can enjoy the good one. These are the attributes that will set you apart of everyone else and most importantly make you WILDLY SUCCESSFUL at ALKU.”

Georgia: “If you are personable, competitive, and money motivated, this is definitely the industry you want to be in. Confidence is a major key!  You also have to make yourself memorable. These managers are interviewing a ton of people, so finding a way to differentiate yourself from all the other candidates out there will go a long way! On top of all that, if you like to have fun while working hard, ALKU is definitely the place for you!”

As students prepare to enter the workforce, how would you recommend they market themselves as JMU graduates?

Dan: “Being persistent. If you truly want to be a part of what ALKU has, go the extra mile and stay in touch with us. If a graduate is constantly checking in, asking for feedback, and really showing us they want the job, you have a much better chance of being selected.”

What is your best piece of career advice for students?

Kayla: Find a job you love waking up for. You will spend the majority of your time there, so don’t make it a choice that’s going to give you a headache for 40+ hours a week. Choose something that’s exciting and drives you to be better every day. Choose ALKU.”

Dan: Find out what motivates you in a job and pursue a job that fulfills that…simple as that.”

Georgia: “Don’t limit yourself to just the jobs that are related to your degree. It’s always a good idea to explore as many opportunities as possible. By limiting your options, you may miss out on something great!”

Apply to ALKU’s Recruiting/Account Management Intern and Recruiting/Sales – Entry-Level Staffing positions on Recruit-A-Duke! 



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