JMU Career & Internship Fair Success Story with JMU Student Becca Warden

Not only did Hospitality Management major Becca Warden land an internship from attending the career fair, she landed her job with Marriott from the fair! When she graduates this May, she will begin Marriott’s Voyage Program.

JMU’s Career & Internship Fair helped Becca get her internship and job, and it can help you too! We asked Becca questions about her experience and how she prepared for the fair. We hope to see you at the fair on February 14th and 15th from 11 AM – 3 PM in the Festival Ballroom!


Did you attend CAP’s career fairs? If so what was your experience?

“Indeed, I have! I got both my internship and my job through the career fair!”

How did you prepare for the fair?

“I prepared by researching the companies that would be at the fair, and deciding who I wanted to be sure to talk to while at the fair. (Go to the Career Fairs page on Recruit-A-Duke to see a full list of employers!) Then I ensured I had printed out enough resumes for each employer.”

How did you navigate the fair and spend your time wisely?

“After I check into the career fair, I got a map of the fair. I circled the employers I wanted to talk to, and planned my route around the ballroom. Then I made sure to allot enough time to speak with each employer.”

Did you follow up with employers after the fair, and what was that conversation like?

“Following the career fair, if I had received a business card from the person I talked to, I made sure to send them a handwritten thank you note for taking the time to speak to me and be at JMU’s career fair to begin with.”

As students prepare to enter the workforce how would you recommend they market themselves as JMU graduates?

“I think the most important thing is to learn how to market yourself. Think about how you want to come off to an employer, and make sure you let that shine through. Come up with an elevator pitch, as you have only a few moments with each recruiter.

CF Student Promo Image.png

How did CAP help you to get your job or internship?

Recruit-A-Duke is how I first submitted my resume to each of the companies I have gotten jobs with. Learning how to correctly set up my resume through ResumePREP really helped me make a great first impression.”

So what are your next steps? 

“I will graduate this May. I will be moving to Maryland to be in Marriott’s Voyage Program.”

What is your best piece of career advice for students?

Find something you really care about, and a company that really fits with what you want.  It took me four (yes, four!) majors to find where I really fit in, and could see myself in the field.

What’s something people might be surprised to learn about you?

“I have volunteered in the CAP office for the past four years!”

Use CAP’s career-fair-checklist below to prepare for the Spring 2017 Career & Internship Fair on February 14th and 15th from 11 AM – 3 PM!



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