JMU Student Thomas Giordano Shares His Practice Interview Experience

Thomas Giordano, JMU senior and International Business major, participated in ASM Research‘s practice interviews here on campus. Thomas shared his experience and how his practice interview prepared him for his future interviews.

How did you hear about the Practice Interview Program?

“I looked through some posts on CAP’s social media, but it wasn’t until I was being very active on Recruit-A-Duke that I thought it was something I needed to do before I was deep into ‘Interview Season.’”

Why did you decide to participate?

“I officially decided to participate after I scheduled interviews for actual positions. I have had previous interviews for internships and past jobs/organizations, but I finally wanted to get feedback on what I was doing. It was important to me that someone could finally tell me to keep doing something during my interviews, or to stop something.”

What did you do to prepare for your practice interview? Where did you go to research the company?

“To prepare for the interview itself, I searched on Google for ‘Commonly asked questions during an interview.’ As I went through the list, I came up with the experiences I wanted to talk about and molded them to fit the job description. To prepare for interview with ASM I looked on ASM Research’s website. I looked at entry-level positions they offered and did some extensive research on their ‘About Us’ tab. I wanted to get a generally idea of what the company did, even if I wasn’t looking into actually being hired by their company.

Did the employer representative provide you with helpful feedback? Will you apply that feedback for your future interviews?

The representative gave me great feedback! A day after the interview I got a rubric with helpful comments and suggestions for what I did that made me a successful interviewee and what I should work on. It was great to finally get feedback from the actual interview instead of just basing it off of whether I got a certain position or not. I know I will be using his suggestions during the interviews I have lined up these next few weeks!

Do you feel more confident in talking to recruiters and in your future interviews?

“I definitely feel more confident because the practice interview helped me reflect on the skills that I’ve learned in classes and the comments I got back from the interview. It was a great way to get an idea of how an interview worked before applying for a job I really want.

Read more about Career & Academic Planning’s Practice Interview Program and other practice interviewing resources on our website!


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