Why You Should Participate in Employer to Student Org with Gamma Phi Beta’s Katie Whitney

JMU senior and Justice Studies major Katie Whitney is Gamma Phi Beta: Eta Nu Chapter’s Personal and Chapter Enrichment Chairwoman (PACE).


Katie is pictured on the left!

aaeaaqaaaaaaaanwaaaajgywmwvimji4ltuwzdmtndbhns05mmu1ltezntnkotuzntfinqThrough CAP’s Employer to Student Org program, Katie arranged an employer presentation for GPhi, and TEKsystems presented to the organization on LinkedIn. She shared her experience with us and encourages other student orgs to take advantage of Employer to Student Org!

How did you hear about Employer to Student Org?

“I have visited CAP on multiple occasions to have my resume reviewed, and I was interested in teaching my fellow GPhi sisters about CAP, so I sent an email to the general inquiries email and was directed to the Employer to Student Org to request a presenter. As JMU students, we have many resources to utilize for free to benefit our academic and professional development, and I wanted to make my sorority aware of the such amazing resources we have at our fingertips.


Why did your student org decide to participate?

As PACE chairwoman, it was my responsibility to design and coordinate one chapter meeting a month that would educate my sisters on a topic of interest and enrichment. So my sisters did not have a choice in deciding to participate because chapter attendance is mandatory. They did, however, provide me with the idea of wanting to know more about resume building and the power of LinkedIn, so I took this feedback and designed my PACE chapter by working with CAP.”

What was the process of reaching out and scheduling the presentation with the employer like? 

It was a simple process. I was directed to the request-an-employer site, and I reached out to three employers, based on which company I thought could address my sorority’s topic of interest. I did have some trouble when I did not hear back from the employers, but I directed my concern to CAP. They helped me get in contact with an employer that could help me, and it all worked out.”

What did the employer present on? 

“The presenter came and talked about how to develop a professional LinkedIn account. The topic and presentation was designed based on my request. Mr. Shaun Johnson from TEKsystems and I communicated back and forth via email and over the phone and developed the content on the presentation slides, so the presentation was exactly what myself and the sorority were looking for.

What did you gain from the presentation and from working with the employer?

I gained a sense of professional communication skills when representing an organization through working with an employer. In terms of LinkedIn, we learned the ease of utilizing the source, and we learned what to include and not to include. Overall, the presentation was a success, and my sorority learned a great deal of personal marketing and the necessity of utilizing LinkedIn. Scheduling the presentation with the employer was not difficult at all, once in contact with Mr. Johnson from TEKsystems. We emailed efficiently and called to communicate the goal and direction of the presentation. I gained a great experience on how to coordinate a guest speaker.

Why should other JMU student orgs take advantage of Employer to Student Org?

Organizations should take advantage of Employer to Student Org because it is a good networking tool. It is a great option to receive first-hand knowledge from the business field. It is just another way that shows how JMU cares about its students and organizations.

Use CAP’s Employer to Student Org program for an employer to present to your org!


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