Alumni Feature- Eric Wagner (’12) | DETOURS ON LIFE’S ROAD


Detours On Life’s Road

R.E. Wagner

I once read a few lines from writer Matthew E. Fryer who wrote that, “With every ending, a new beginning is defined.”

IMG_4022 JMU…Duuuuukes!

It’s a quote that I’ve found pretty applicable to my life since graduating from James Madison back in 2012. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned since getting my diploma, it’s that life is not the straightforward road we might believe it to be.

Since leaving Harrisonburg over five years ago, I’ve moved across three different states, lived in five different apartments, and gone on a few adventures. I rode my bicycle across the United States, wrote a book about the experience called Leaving It On the Road, and ran a fitness website of the same title for over four years.  I’ve worked more than half a dozen different careers in North Carolina, California, Virginia and New Jersey. I’ve been…

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