Interviews with Past and Present Dukes


While JMU has undergone some pretty major changes since its 1908 inception, I believe the spirit of Madison has remained largely the same. I interviewed an alumna from the class of 1988 as well as a current student from the class of 2019 to see how their experiences at JMU differed, and what common themes they shared in their memories.

Mary Nash graduated from James Madison University in 1988 with a BS in fine art, with a concentration in photography. She later went on to earn an MEd with a concentration in early childhood education at JMU, and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Longwood University. She also received her master’s in organization development and a doctorate in human and organizational systems from Fielding Graduate University. Today, Mary serves as Vice President, Organization and Leadership Development, at Vidant Health in Greenville, N.C. She has four daughters, two of whom…

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Where Are They Now: Daily Duke Alumni


As many alumni make their way back to campus for homecoming this weekend, I thought it was a good time to highlight a few special alums…Daily Duke alums, that is! Past members of The Daily Duke team are living in different cities across the country and working at a variety of jobs. Below is a little bit about what they’re up to now, and advice they have for current Dukes!

image1Jolie Klein

Lives: New York City, NY

Works: As a Media Specialist at Merkle, a digital media agency

What’s your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part about my job is the amazing people I work with. They teach me something new every day. They have made the transition from being a student to being a professional absolutely seamless. There is always someone around to further explain something or teach me a helpful insight. Learning definitely doesn’t stop after…

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Step Up: All In (For Self-Advocacy)

The InformHer

By Rebekah Peterson

Ladies, do you ever have a feeling that your male co-workers are being given more challenging assignments than you?

You know, that despite your ambition, your male co-workers are being given challenging assignments like managing a project, organizing a company event, or assuming responsibility of a major client?

Well, it’s not just a feeling and scholarly research actually backs this up.

i-dont-understand-it-leslie-knope-parks-and-recreationIn 2009 researchers Irene De Pater, Annelies Van Vianen, and Myriam Bechtoldt randomly selected 136 employees working at middle job levels at a pharmaceutical company to participate in a study about their job experiences.

First, the employees were asked demographic questions, such as number of years in their current job and the level of their highest education. Next, they were asked to self-rank their ambition level and self-evaluation. Lastly, they were given ten descriptions of challenging job assignments and were asked to rank each on a…

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JMU: Then and Now


Whether it was Madison College or James Madison University when they attended, many alumni and current students alike agree that Madison gave them an experience unlike any other. In honor of Homecoming, here’s a post dedicated to all the ways JMU has evolved throughout the years. No matter your class year, we hope JMU still feels like home.

JMU started out in 1908 as the State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Harrisonburg. Campus encompassed about 50 acres, with only two buildings: Jackson and Maury. Enrollment was 150 students, with 15 faculty members. In 1914, the name of the institution was shortened to State Normal School for Women; it was renamed again in 1924 to State Teachers College. State Teachers College became Madison College in 1938, but it wasn’t until 1966 that MC became fully co-educational and men began to reside on campus as students. Finally…

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Accept the Challenge: PwC’s Case Competition!

"Challenge enabled me to connect with PwC before externship interviews in the spring, which made me more comfortable when I interviewed with them."

Take Your Studies Even Further


Taking your studies abroad is an incredible way to maximize your college education.

We all know the Quad is the view of all campus views…but what about Big Ben or Piazzale Michelangelo? There are opportunities waiting for you across the globe! Luckily, JMU offers countless study abroad programs for you to find your perfect fit. The most popular of programs give students the chance to spend an entire semester in a foreign country learning the skills of their majors in an enriched environment.

Being a Semester in London Alum, I can guarantee you that this trip changed my life, but I can’t lie and tell you I wasn’t nervous! Applying for a semester abroad program is a big step in your college career, but it’s one that I will always be thankful for. 

If a three month semester trip doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t worry! There are over 70…

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Jump-start Your Career with an ALKU Internship!

"JMU students should take advantage of ALKU’s intern training & mentoring program because it allows for them to jumpstart their careers and gain experience in a professional setting."