When collaboration becomes overkill: How collaboration can kill your career

The InformHer

By Erika Harrington

“Women aren’t authoritative.” “A commanding voice is a masculine one.” “Women are too dainty to lead.” We get it. You think it takes a certain type of a person to be a leader, and that type of person is usually a man. Thankfully, when it comes to the success of a company, what you think doesn’t matter; what actually matters are performance and results.

With that in mind, it’s high time that we face the truth that women can produce as well as men. Don’t believe me? Well, maybe you’ll believe British sociolinguist Judith Baxter, who published a study on the leadership abilities of males and females. Baxter wanted to find out if different, gender-specific language characteristics affected an individual’s ability to become a leader, and how well people  respond to them as such.

mulanclimbingUsing groups of all male, all female, and mixed gender participants, she was…

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6 Rules for Women Who Want to Become Corporate Leaders


Melissa Greenwell, author of Money On The Table: How to Increase Profits Through Gender-Balanced Leadership, writes 6 Rules for Women Who Want to Become Corporate Leaders!

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Dukes Serve in the Peace Corps


Did you know over 400 JMU alumni have served in the United States Peace Corps?


Well, 488 to be exact. This year, the university ranked number 16 among the Peace Corps’ top 25 large volunteer producing schools!

Currently there are 35 Dukes serving in the Corps and I had the privilege to interview two, Matt Merritt (’13) and Bryan Jacobs (’14).

How did you become interested in joining the Peace Corps?

Matt: The idea of serving others was first taught to me by my mother who would volunteer weekly with her women’s club. Growing up, I was always aware of what I had reflected and what other’s didn’t. Fast forward to college, I knew that I didn’t want a typical post grad job working in an office. As a Spanish and Global Justice studies double major, I wanted to experience what the rest of the world had to offer while…

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5 Reasons to Use the New LinkedIn Students App

Graduating? Looking for a job or an internship?

Career and Academic Planning brings you the NEW, FREE LinkedIn Students app, which makes looking for a job and connecting with JMU alumni easier!


LinkedIn and Recruit-A-Duke have joined forces to bring you LinkedIn Students, and here are 5 reasons to download and use the app today:

  1. LinkedIn Students pulls jobs from Recruit-A-Duke, so you can easily see them on your phone! Unlike other career finding websites, the app also helps you explore career paths based on JMU and major.
  2. It automatically connects you with JMU Alumni who work in your field. (Our favorite reason to download the app!)
  3. It tells you how much you could be earning!
  4. You can sign up for notifications so that you’re the first to know when new jobs are posted.
  5. It’s FREE!




Why You Should Participate in Employer to Student Org with Gamma Phi Beta’s Katie Whitney

JMU senior and Justice Studies major Katie Whitney is Gamma Phi Beta: Eta Nu Chapter’s Personal and Chapter Enrichment Chairwoman (PACE).


Katie is pictured on the left!

aaeaaqaaaaaaaanwaaaajgywmwvimji4ltuwzdmtndbhns05mmu1ltezntnkotuzntfinqThrough CAP’s Employer to Student Org program, Katie arranged an employer presentation for GPhi, and TEKsystems presented to the organization on LinkedIn. She shared her experience with us and encourages other student orgs to take advantage of Employer to Student Org!

How did you hear about Employer to Student Org?

“I have visited CAP on multiple occasions to have my resume reviewed, and I was interested in teaching my fellow GPhi sisters about CAP, so I sent an email to the general inquiries email and was directed to the Employer to Student Org to request a presenter. As JMU students, we have many resources to utilize for free to benefit our academic and professional development, and I wanted to make my sorority aware of the such amazing resources we have at our fingertips.


Why did your student org decide to participate?

As PACE chairwoman, it was my responsibility to design and coordinate one chapter meeting a month that would educate my sisters on a topic of interest and enrichment. So my sisters did not have a choice in deciding to participate because chapter attendance is mandatory. They did, however, provide me with the idea of wanting to know more about resume building and the power of LinkedIn, so I took this feedback and designed my PACE chapter by working with CAP.”

What was the process of reaching out and scheduling the presentation with the employer like? 

It was a simple process. I was directed to the request-an-employer site, and I reached out to three employers, based on which company I thought could address my sorority’s topic of interest. I did have some trouble when I did not hear back from the employers, but I directed my concern to CAP. They helped me get in contact with an employer that could help me, and it all worked out.”

What did the employer present on? 

“The presenter came and talked about how to develop a professional LinkedIn account. The topic and presentation was designed based on my request. Mr. Shaun Johnson from TEKsystems and I communicated back and forth via email and over the phone and developed the content on the presentation slides, so the presentation was exactly what myself and the sorority were looking for.

What did you gain from the presentation and from working with the employer?

I gained a sense of professional communication skills when representing an organization through working with an employer. In terms of LinkedIn, we learned the ease of utilizing the source, and we learned what to include and not to include. Overall, the presentation was a success, and my sorority learned a great deal of personal marketing and the necessity of utilizing LinkedIn. Scheduling the presentation with the employer was not difficult at all, once in contact with Mr. Johnson from TEKsystems. We emailed efficiently and called to communicate the goal and direction of the presentation. I gained a great experience on how to coordinate a guest speaker.

Why should other JMU student orgs take advantage of Employer to Student Org?

Organizations should take advantage of Employer to Student Org because it is a good networking tool. It is a great option to receive first-hand knowledge from the business field. It is just another way that shows how JMU cares about its students and organizations.

Use CAP’s Employer to Student Org program for an employer to present to your org!

JMU Student Thomas Giordano Shares His Practice Interview Experience

Thomas Giordano, JMU senior and International Business major, participated in ASM Research‘s practice interviews here on campus. Thomas shared his experience and how his practice interview prepared him for his future interviews.

How did you hear about the Practice Interview Program?

“I looked through some posts on CAP’s social media, but it wasn’t until I was being very active on Recruit-A-Duke that I thought it was something I needed to do before I was deep into ‘Interview Season.’”

Why did you decide to participate?

“I officially decided to participate after I scheduled interviews for actual positions. I have had previous interviews for internships and past jobs/organizations, but I finally wanted to get feedback on what I was doing. It was important to me that someone could finally tell me to keep doing something during my interviews, or to stop something.”

What did you do to prepare for your practice interview? Where did you go to research the company?

“To prepare for the interview itself, I searched on Google for ‘Commonly asked questions during an interview.’ As I went through the list, I came up with the experiences I wanted to talk about and molded them to fit the job description. To prepare for interview with ASM I looked on ASM Research’s website. I looked at entry-level positions they offered and did some extensive research on their ‘About Us’ tab. I wanted to get a generally idea of what the company did, even if I wasn’t looking into actually being hired by their company.

Did the employer representative provide you with helpful feedback? Will you apply that feedback for your future interviews?

The representative gave me great feedback! A day after the interview I got a rubric with helpful comments and suggestions for what I did that made me a successful interviewee and what I should work on. It was great to finally get feedback from the actual interview instead of just basing it off of whether I got a certain position or not. I know I will be using his suggestions during the interviews I have lined up these next few weeks!

Do you feel more confident in talking to recruiters and in your future interviews?

“I definitely feel more confident because the practice interview helped me reflect on the skills that I’ve learned in classes and the comments I got back from the interview. It was a great way to get an idea of how an interview worked before applying for a job I really want.

Read more about Career & Academic Planning’s Practice Interview Program and other practice interviewing resources on our website!

JMU Alumna Alexa Senio Shares “8 Things to Know as a Noblis Intern”

JMU Alumna Alexa Senio interned at Noblis as a student, and now she works for Noblis full-time! Read her article “8 Things to Know as a Noblis Intern,”and apply to be a Noblis Intern Today!


Alexa Senio majored in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication and minored in Humanitarian Affairs and Sociology at JMU. She graduated from the Honors Program in May 2016 and is currently a Communications and Graphic Design Specialist at Noblis, a nonprofit science, technology, and strategy organization. Alexa was also a Media Fellow for the Digital Communication Center while at JMU.

Her experience with nonprofits and digital communication led her to pursue an internship at Noblis in 2015. Following her internship, Noblis offered her a full-time position after graduation. She talks about her internship experience and shares “8 Things to Know as a Noblis Intern.”

Alexa recommends the Noblis summer internship program to anyone who is looking for an internship with good pay, a valuable real-world experience, and the ability to apply their coursework. Noblis is still hiring for the 2017 summer internship program

Read Alexa’s article here!